Before a medical school graduate can receive a license to practice as a physician, they must complete a one year internship. Many internships are included as a part of a residency program. All students that attend USUHS must complete an internship at a military hospital. All HPSP students must apply for a military internship along with a residency, but not all will be placed in the military system. Those who are not placed in a military internship must then apply for a civilian program.

Air Force Residencies

Each year military leaders get together in order to decide how many residency spots will be offered for the next year. This is called the Health Professions Education Requirement Board (HPERB). The Air Force will post its HPERB results in sometime in June or July. Click below to go their website. The Air Force also published a more detailed GME guide available below. The 2009 HPERB is available for download in Microsoft Excel format by clicking. Understand that it changes from year to year and reflects the needs of the Air Force. However, looking at the IFB from past years can give one a general idea of what will be available in future years. They may only cut 1 or 2 spots from a GME program and add a few to others; they don't tend to vary much. For comparison you can click below to download the 2006 and 2007 results.

For your convenience we have also made a table that lists what specialties are available for Air Force GME, where they are located, approximately how may people they took in for 2008, and how long the programs take. Listed are just the active duty training programs. Specialties marked as "Civilian Sponsored" signify that you will remain on active duty status but attend a civilian program at the expense of the military. Keep in mind that the military will also allow you to train at a civilian site on a deferred basis. "Deferred" is when the military will allow you to spend some time off of active duty in order to train, thus deferring your active duty commitment. The number of positions that are allowed to be deferred are not included in this table. This table is just a general overview, for more specific details or additional opportunities consult the HPERB results or contact someone through the Air Force GME website.

 Aerospace Medicine  San Antonio, TX 17 2 or 3
 Anesthesiology San Antonio, TX 5 4(I)
  San Antonio, TX 3 3
 Dermatology San Antonio, TX 3 3
 Emergency Medicine San Antonio, TX 8 3(I)
  Dayton, OH 6 3(I)
 Family Medicine Fairfield, CA 14 3(I)
  Omaha, NE 8 3(I)
  Las Vegas, NV  8 3(I)
  Belleville, IL  8 3(I)
  Valparaiso, FL 10 3(I)
  Washington, DC 2 3(I)
 General Surgery San Antonio, TX 2 6(I)
  Dayton, OH 3 5(I)
  Fairfield, CA 2 5(I)
  Biloxi, MS 4 6(I)
  Las Vegas, NV 2 5(I)
 Internal Medicine San Antonio, TX 16 3(I)
  Dayton, OH 16 3(I)
  Biloxi, MS 8 3(I)
 Neurology San Antonio, TX 2 4(I)
 Obstetrics/Gynecology San Antonio, TX 3 4(I)
  Dayton, OH 3 4(I)
  Biloxi, MS 3 4(I)
  Portsmouth, VA 2 4(I)
 Occupational Medicine Civilian Sponsored 3 2
 Ophthalmology San Antonio, TX 4 5(I)
 Orthopedic Surgery San Antonio, TX 4 5(I)
 Otolaryngology San Antonio, TX 2 5(I)
  Civilian Sponsored 2 5(I)
 Pathology San Antonio, TX 2 4(I)
 Pediatrics San Antonio, TX10 3(I)
  Dayton, OH 8 3(I)
  Portsmouth, VA 3 3(I)
  Washington, DC 4 3(I)
 Preventive Medicine Bethesda, MD 2 2
  Civilian Sponsored 2 2
 Psychiatry  San Antonio, TX 7 4(I)
 Dayton, OH 6 4(I)
 Radiology San Antonio, TX 2 5(I)
  San Antonio, TX 3 4
  Fairfield, CA 2 5(I)
 Fairfield, CA 3 4
  Washington, DC 1 5(I)
  Washington, DC 2 4
 Urology San Antonio, TX 2 6(I)

*(I) signifies that an internship is included as part of this residency program. Those who have already completed an internship either may not be required to complete another internship, or may not be able to apply for these spots. Those who apply directly out of medical school must complete and internship before staring residency, those residencies that include an internship fulfill this requirement. Programs that do not include and internship can not be applied for without having done an internship.

Army Residencies

The Army has the largest GME program in the military. They do not publish how many spots are available in which locations because the exact numbers change from year to year. However, they do publish how many total spots are available per specialty (this number is found in parenthesis next to the specialty name; based on 2007 numbers). Also, they publish the ratio of applicants to available spots which can be found by downloading the spreadsheet below. Other Army training opportunities can be found at the Army GME website below.

 Aerospace Medicine (2) Pensacola, FL 2 or 3
 Anesthesiology (12) Washington, DC 3
  San Antonio, TX 3
 Dermatology (7) Washington, DC 3
  San Antonio, TX 3
  Civilian Sponsored 3
 Emergency Medicine (26) San Antonio, TX 2 or 3

 Tacoma, WA 2 or 3
  Austin, TX 2 or 3
 Family Medicine (43) Washington, DC 2
   Tacoma, WA 2
  Honolulu, HI 2
  Augusta, GA 2
  Fayetteville, NC 2
  Austin, TX 2
  Columbus, GA 2
 General Surgery (29) Washington, DC 4 or 5

 San Antonio, TX 4 or 5

 Tacoma, WA 4 or 5
  Honolulu, HI 4 or 5
  Augusta, GA 4 or 5
  El Paso, TX 4 or 5
 Internal Medicine (50) Washington, DC 2 or 3
  San Antonio, TX 2 or 3
  Tacoma, WA 2 or 3
  Honolulu, HI 2 or 3

 Augusta, GA
 2 or 3
  El Paso, TX 2 or 3
 Neurology (5) Washington, DC 3
  Tacoma, WA 3
 Child Neurology (1) Washington, DC 4
 Neurosurgery Washington, DC 6
  Civilian Sponsored 6
 Obstetrics/Gynecology (15) Washington, DC 3 or 4
  San Antonio, TX 3 or 4
  Tacoma, WA 3 or 4
  Honolulu, HI 3 or 4
  Civilian Sponsored 3 or 4
 Ophthalmology (7) Washington, DC 3
  San Antonio, TX 3
  Tacoma, WA 3
 Orthopedic Surgery (19) Washington, DC 4 or 5
  San Antonio, TX 4 or 5
  Tacoma, WA 4 or 5
  Honolulu, HI 4 or 5
   Augusta, GA 4 or 5
 Otolaryngology (6) Washington, DC 4 or 5
  San Antonio, TX 4 or 5
  Tacoma, WA 4 or 5
  Honolulu, HI 4 or 5
 Pathology (6) Washington, DC 3 or 4
  San Antonio, TX 3 or 4
  Tacoma, WA 3 or 4
 Pediatrics (26) Washington, DC 2 or 3
  San Antonio, TX 2 or 3
  Tacoma, WA 2 or 3
  Honolulu, HI 2 or 3
 Preventive/Occupational Medicine (3) Washington, DC 2 or 3
  Tacoma, WA 2 or 3
 Psychiatry (14) Washington, DC 3
  Honolulu, HI 3
 Psychiatry/Family Medicine Washington, DC 4
  Honolulu, HI 4
 Psychiatry/Internal Medicine (2) Washington, DC 4
 Radiation Oncology (1) Washington, DC 4
  Civilian Sponsored 4
 Radiology (15) Washington, DC 4
  San Antonio, TX 4
  Tacoma, WA 4
 Urology Honolulu, HI 4
  Washington, DC 5
  San Antonio, TX 5
  Tacoma, WA 5
  Honolulu, HI 5
  Civilian Sponsored 

Navy Residencies

As mentioned in the Selection Process section of this website, the Navy still allows new physicians to serve as General Medical Officers (GMO) in the years between internship and residency. For more information and for an overview of Navy GME visit their website below. The Navy also allows "out of service" training where those not selected for inservice GME can train out side of the active duty Navy. Your active duty Navy commitment will resume when your training is complete. For more information about "out of service" training, visit the website below.

Here is a general overview of inservice specialties and locations offered by the Navy. The years listed do not include an internship. This chart is based on 2006 data. *# denotes the number of applicants accepted each year.

 Aerospace Medicine  Pensacola, FL 17 2
 Anesthesiology Bethesda, MD 6 3
  Portsmouth, VA 6 3

 San Diego, CA 6 3
 Dermatology Bethesda, MD 2 3
  San Diego, CA 5 3
 Emergency Medicine Portsmouth, VA 8 3

 San Diego, CA 10 3
 Family Medicine Bremerton, WA 6 2
  Camp Lejeune, NC 6 2
   Camp Pendleton, CA 12 2
  Jacksonville, FL 13 2
  Pensacola, FL 7 2
 General Surgery Bethesda, MD 3 4
  Portsmouth, VA 3 4
  San Diego, CA 4 4
 Internal Medicine Bethesda, MD 10 2
  Portsmouth, VA 10 2

 San Diego, CA 12 2
 Neurology Bethesda, MD 2 3
 Neurosurgery Bethesda, MD 1 6
 Obstetrics/Gynecology Bethesda, MD 3 3
  Portsmouth, VA 5 3
  San Diego, CA 5 3
 Ophthalmology San Diego, CA 4 3
 Orthopedic Surgery Bethesda, MD 3 4
  Portsmouth, VA 3 4

 San Diego, CA 5 4
 Otolaryngology Bethesda, MD 2 4
  Portsmouth, VA 2 4
 Pathology Bethesda, MD 2 4
  San Diego, CA 3 4
 Pediatrics Bethesda, MD 5 2
  Portsmouth, VA 8 2
   San Diego, CA 8 2
 Psychiatry  Bethesda, MD 4 3
   Portsmouth, VA 4 3
  San Diego, CA 4 3
 Radiology Bethesda, MD 4 4
   Portsmouth, VA 5 4
  San Diego, CA 6 4
 Urology Portsmouth, VA 1 4
  San Diego, CA 1 4


The military also offers its physicians the opportunity to complete fellowships. Many of these fellowships are offered at active duty locations and some are offered as civilian sponsorships. A civilian sponsorship is where the military will pay for a doctor to attend a civilian program. A few of the more obscure sub-specialties are available on a deferred basis. That is when the military will allow you to spend a year or two off of active duty status in order to train; thus your active duty obligation is "deferred." As far as which fellowships fall in which category and  which service will sponsor which sub-specialty goes beyond the scope of this website. More information can be found at the service specific GME websites listed above. *(1) = 1 year fellowship

Aerospace Medicine

Hyperbaric Medicine (1) X


Cardiac Anesthesia (1) X
Critical Care Anesthesia (1) X
Pain Management (1) X X
Pediatric Anesthesia (1) X
Regional Anesthesia (1) X
Trauma Anesthesia (1) X


Dermatopathology (1) X X
Immunodermatology (2) X
MOHS/Dermatologic Surgery (1) X
Pediatric Dermatology (1) X

Emergency Medicine

Emergency Medicine Services (1) X
Emergency Toxicology (2) X
Pediatric Emergency Medicine (2) X
Ultrasound (1) X

Family Medicine

Faculty Development (2) X
Sports Medicine (1) X

General Surgery

Plastic Surgery (2) & (3) X
Craniofacial Surgery (1) X
Microvascular Surgery (1) X
Thoracic Surgery (2) X
Cardiac Transplant Surgery (1) X
Major Aortic Surgery (1) X
Minimally Invasive Thoracic Surgery (1) X
Rhythm Disturbance Surgery (1) X
Surgical Ventricular Remodeling (1) X
SVR Surgery (Heart Failure) (1) X
Vascular Surgery (2) X
Advanced Laparoscopic (1) X
Colon/Rectal Surgery (1) X
Organ Transplant Surgery (1) X
Pediatric Surgery (2) X
Surgical Oncology (2) X
Trauma/Critical Care Surgery (2) X

Internal Medicine

Cardiology (3) X
Echocardiography (1) X
Electrophysiology (2) X
Interventional Cardiology (1) X
Molecular Cardiology (Heart Failure) (1) X
Noninvasive Cardiology (1) X
Critical Care Medicine (2) X
Endocrinology (2) X
Gastroenterology (3) X
Gastroenterology-Hepatology (1) X
Invasive Endoscopy (1) X
General Internal Medicine (2) X
Geriatric Medicine (1) X
Hematology/Oncology (3) X
Transfusion Medicine (1) X
Infectious Diseases (3) X
Nephrology (2) X
Pulmonary/CCM (3) X
Rheumatology (2) X


Behavior Neurology (1) X
Child Neurology (3) X
Clinical Neurophysiology (1) X
Headache Medicine (1) X
Interventional Neurology (3) X
Movement Disorder (1) X
Neuro Critical Care (2) X
Neuro Intensivist (2) X
Neuro Ophthalmology (1) X


Epilepsy Neurosurgery (1) X
Neurosurgery Oncology (1) X
Pain and Functional Neurosurgery (1) X
Pediatric Neurosurgery (1) X
Peripheral Nerve (1) X
Skull Base Neurosurgery (1) X
Spine Neurosurgery (1) X
Vascular Neurosurgery (1) X


GYN Laparoscopy (1) X
GYN Oncology (3) & (4) X
Maternal and Fetal Medicine (3) X
Reproductive Endocrinology (3) X
Urogynecology (3) X


Corneal/External Disease (1) X
Glaucoma (1) X
Neuro Ophthalmology (1) X
Oculoplastic/Orbital Surgery (2) X
Ophthalmic Pathology (1) X
Pediatric Ophthalmology (1) X
Retinal Surgery (2) X
Uveites (1) X


Children s Orthopaedics (1) X
Feagin Sports Medicine (1) & (2) X
Foot and Ankle Surgery (1) X
Hand Surgery (1) X
Orthopaedic Oncology (1) X
Orthopaedic Trauma (1) X
Shoulder Surgery (1) X
Spine Surgery (1) X
Total Joint/Reconstructive Surgery (1) X


Facial Plastic/Reconstructive Surgery (1) X
Head and Neck Surgery (2) X
Laryngology (1) & (2) X
Neurotology (2) X
Pediatric Otolaryngology (2) X
Rhinology (1) X


Cytopathology (1) X
Dermatopathology (1) X
Forensic Pathology (1) X
Hematopathology (1) X
Molecular Pathology (1) X
Neuro Pathology (2) X
Transfusion Medicine (1) X


Child Abuse (3) X
Developmental Pediatrics (3) X
Medical Genetics (3) X
Neonatology (3) X
Pediatric Cardiology (3) X
Pediatric Critical Care Medicine (3) X
Pediatric Endocrinology (3) X
Pediatric Gastroenterology (3) X
Pediatric Hematology/Oncology (3) X
Pediatric Infectious Disease (3) X
Pediatric Nephrology (3) X
Pediatric Pulmonary Disease (3) X
Pediatric Pulmonary/Critical Care Medicine (4) X
Pediatric Rheumatology (3) X

Physical Medicine

Pain Management (1) X
Pediatric Rehabilitation (1) X
Physical Medicine Neuromuscular/EMG (1) X
Sports Medicine (1) X

Preventive/Public Health Medicine

Medical Toxicology (2) X
Occupational Medicine (1) X
Preventive Medicine (1) X


Addiction Psychiatry (1) X
Child/Adolescent Psychiatry (2) X
Forensic Psychiatry (1) X
Geriatric Psychiatry (1) X
Preventive Psychiatry (2) X

Radiology (Diagnostic)

Imaging (1) X
Neuroradiology (2) X
Pediatric Radiology (1) X
Vascular/Interventional Radiology (1) X


Endourology (1) X
Female Urology (1) X
General Urology (1) X
Impotence and Infertility (1) X
Organ Transplant Surgery (2) X
Pediatric Urology (1) & (2) X
Reconstructive Urological Surgery (1) & (2) X
Stone/Laparoscopy Disease (1) X
Urological Oncology (1) & (2) X


Adolescent Medicine (3) X
Allergy (2) X
Clinical/Laboratory Immunology (1) X
Clinical Pharmacology (2) X
Clinical Research (2) X
Medical Research (1) X
Nuclear Medicine (2) X
Sleep Disorders (1) X
Epidemiology (3) X
Medical Information Sciences (2) X
Leadership Development
Health Care Administration (1) X